Artist Title Date
Nick Brignola Tour de Force 2002-02-26
Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein, Bill Stewart Toy Tunes 2018-05-04
Chris Potter Traveling Mercies 2002-09-17
Pat Metheny Trio 99-00 2000-02-08
Pat Metheny Trio Live 2000-11-21
Wycliffe Gordon United Soul Experience 2001-12-15
Lage Lund Quartet Unlikely Stories 2010-02-16
Jesse Van Ruller Views 2006-03-21
Marc Copland Vol. 1-Modinha-New York Trio Recordings 2010-11-16
Marc Copland Vol. 3-Night Whispers-New York Trio Recordings 2010-11-16
Seamus Blake Way out Willy 2007-02-20
Armen Donelian Sextet Wayfarer 1995-11-01
Kevin Hays Trio What Survives 2005-01-05
John Scofield What We Do 1993-02-09
Larry Goldings Whatever It Takes 1995-09-26
Dave Pietro Wind Dance 1998-05-05
Renee Rosnes Written in the Rocks 2016-02-05
A Band In All Hope Ye Who Enter Here 1997-10-17
Kevin Hays Trio You've Got a Friend 2009-05-01
Lee Konitz Quartet Zounds 1991-12-31
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