Artist Title Date
Scott Colley Subliminal... 1998-10-13
John Scofield, Steve Swallow & Bill Stewart Swallow Tales 2020-06-05
Michael Rosen Sweet 17 2016-01-22
Larry Goldings Trio Sweet Science 2002-06-25
Mike Gibbs Band Symphony Hall, Birmingham 1991 2018-05-15
Bill Stewart Telepathy 1997-03-11
Roy Buchanan That's What I Am Here For/Rescue Me 2008-05-07
Seamus Blake The Call 1994-10-18
Danny Grissett The In-Between 2015-09-15
Stan Sulzmann The Jigsaw 2010-10-05
Jon Gordon The Jon Gordon Quartet 1995-04-06
Scott Colley The Magic Line 2000-08-15
Orrin Evans The Magic of Now 2021-05-13
Bill Stewart Think Before You Think 1998-03-17
John Scofield This Meets That 2007-09-18
Scott Colley This Place 2010-01-01
Adam Rogers Time and the Infinite 2007-02-20
Fred Jac Time Change 1993-01-05
Moncef Genoud Time in Carouge 2002-04-01
Michael Brecker Time Is Of The Essence 1999-11-02
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