Artist Title Date
Peter Bernstein Earth Tones 1998-08-25
Jon Gordon Shape Up 1998-07-14
Marc Copland Softly 1998-05-05
Dave Pietro Wind Dance 1998-05-05
Bill Stewart Think Before You Think 1998-03-17
Kevin Hays El Matador 1998-03-17
Franck Amsallem Another Time 1998-02-03
A Band In All Hope Ye Who Enter Here 1997-10-17
Bill Stewart Telepathy 1997-03-11
Ingrid Jensen Here on Earth 1997-01-27
John Scofield Quiet 1996-09-24
Pat Martino Nightwings 1996-02-20
Armen Donelian Sextet Wayfarer 1995-11-01
John Scofield Groove Elation 1995-10-24
Larry Goldings Whatever It Takes 1995-09-26
Bill Stewart Snide Remarks 1995-08-29
Walt Weiskopf A World Away 1995-07-05
Jon Gordon The Jon Gordon Quartet 1995-04-06
Larry Goldings Caminhos Cruzados 1995-02-28
Seamus Blake The Call 1994-10-18
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