Artist Title Date
Kevin Hays Trio Live at Smalls 2010-06-08
Kevin Hays El Matador 1998-03-17
Kenny Drew Jr. Another Point of View 2002-09-02
Jonathan Kreisberg Trio Nine Stories Wide 2004-02-15
Jon Gordon Shape Up 1998-07-14
Jon Gordon Possibilities 2000-08-22
Jon Gordon The Jon Gordon Quartet 1995-04-06
Johnny Bowtie Barstow A Bowtie Christmas and More 2007-12-12
John Scofield, Steve Swallow & Bill Stewart Swallow Tales 2020-06-05
John Scofield Trio EnRoute 2004-05-11
John Scofield Quartet Plays Live 1993-04-19
John Scofield & Pat Metheny I Can See Your House From Here 1994-04-09
John Scofield What We Do 1993-02-09
John Scofield This Meets That 2007-09-18
John Scofield Hand Jive 1994-08-13
John Scofield New Morning: The Paris Concert (DVD) 2010-11-23
John Scofield Groove Elation 1995-10-24
John Scofield Live in Montreal (DVD) 2004-11-09
John Scofield Quiet 1996-09-24
John Scofield Past Present 2015-09-25
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