Artist Title Date
George Garzone Four's and Two's 1999-06-15
Thomas Savy French Suite 2010-01-12
Bill Carrothers Ghost Ships 2002-09-12
John Scofield Groove Elation 1995-10-24
Benjamin Koppel Hammond Street 2011-02-28
John Scofield Hand Jive 1994-08-13
Peter Bernstein Heart's Content 2003-05-27
Ingrid Jensen Here on Earth 1997-01-27
The Power Quintet High Art 2016-04-15
Bill Carrothers Home Row 2011-04-05
John Scofield & Pat Metheny I Can See Your House From Here 1994-04-09
Olegario Diaz I Remember Chet 2018-02-01
Lage Lund Trio Idlewild 2015-02-17
Dayna Stephens I'll Take My Chances 2013-01-23
Bill Stewart Incandescence 2008-03-25
Scott Colley Initial Wisdom 2002-03-26
Jim Rotondi Iron Man 2005-05-31
Maurizio Giammarco Jazz Italiano Live 2007 2007-01-22
Bill Carrothers Joy Spring 2010-08-17
James Muller Kaboom 2012-04-03
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